Automatic battery test-bench BTB12-24V165A

Guarantee time: 2 years

Saving time ─ automatic charging, leveling and discharging with just one battery connection.
Accurate battery A·h or W·h capacity measurement according to IEC 60896-21 and 22.
Test protocol available over LAN.



Automatic capacity testing of variety of 12 or 24 V batteries and super-capacitor modules used for backup power of power plants, substations, banking, media, telecommunications, defense equipment, hospitals, electric car charging stations, computer servers, data banks, vehicles, research equipment etc.


1. Smart, flexible and fast

Variety of battery types ─ as open, sealed, gel and crystal lead acid, Ni-Cd, Li-ion or user type ─ can be tested in manual or automatic mode. This means that the battery will be fully charged, stabilized and cooled down and discharged automatically. Charging is possible in boost, absorption, float or recovery mode. Discharge is possible with constant current or constant power mode.

The testing process is logged and stored in short intervals. The csv and txt protocols are accessible over LAN. At the end of testing the actual A·h or W·h value of the device under test is also displayed on bright OLED display of BTB.

2. Precise

BTB performs the battery capacitance measurement directly using its precise current, voltage and temperature measurement sensors. The direct measurement gives the most accurate value of remained capacitance of the battery.

3. Tailored for your application

The hard- and software of BTB can be tailored according to your requirements.


Rated supply voltage:1 phase 115 – 277 V 47 – 63 Hz L, N, PE
Rated supply power and current:Ca 300 W, current up to ca 2 A depending on the charge current and supply voltage values.
Rated load voltage:30 V DC battery „-“ or „+“ pole can be earthed to PE terminal on backside
Rated load current:165 A DC
Ethernet connection:female RJ45 connector Cat5e on the front side, http protocol for web browser
http protocol for web browseroutput data in csv and txt format
Charging voltage and current:up to 15 A at 12 V and up to 10 A at 24 V range
Output fuses250 A
Residual current< 5 mA
Output load terminals:screw type M8
Output cables:2 x 5 m flexible cables 1 x 50 mm2
Adjustment accuracy in constant current CC mode:± 1 % of the selected constant current in the range 10 A to 165 A
Adjustment accuracy in constant power CP mode:± 1.5 % from 100 to 2000 W
Adjustment resolution of discharge voltage limit:0.1 V, accuracy ± 0.5 %
Protections:over-current, over-temperature
Alarms:beep, dry contact
Noise level during operation:less than 75 db A
Dimensions w, h, d, mm:482.6 x 188.5 x 780 (19“ x 4HU)
Weight:Ca 27 kg without output cables
Ambient temperature:Operation: normally between 20 °C and 25 °C (0 … 40 °C) storage: -25 … 70 °C