Battery testers and custom electronics


Custom automatic testing solutions according to client specification.

• Motor tester
• Electronics tester
• Wire harness tester

electronics and automation

Our micro-controller boards can be programmed for your product real time control needs.

• Multi-channel temperature controller and logger 1. MK-OLED
• Machine controllers
• Temperature controllers
• Holding solenoid driver EMD-1
• Debris remover for die cutter

• Ultra-capasitor energy storage unit

Power converters
Power converters

Custom power supply solutions up to 1MW.

Variable sinusoidal power supply
• Ultra capacitor UPS
• High voltage pulsed power source

Development and production for
custom-made equipment

We can help you to develop and produce power control and testing electronics.

Our products

Our electrical engineering and programming pioneers are always looking far
ahead, providing innovative and reliable movement and power control solutions.